Most people feel that they can handle the effects of a car accident themselves. Some people will conduct a well-crafted Google search to find out how to handle the legal side of the car accident, and some lawyers even dabble in a car accident case for some extra cash. The lure to handle the case on your own seems too easy to resist.

Can most anyone get some money out of a car accident case? Sure. Can only a very few people get every available dollar while minimizing payouts? Absolutely.

At Ivan Law Firm, Amy Ivan has15 years of experience and has handled thousands of car accident cases. Amy knows that no one who handled their car accident case on their own ever feels that they received what they truly deserved. In fact, others involved in the case will make it difficult to get what you deserve. In some cases, health providers neglect to bill the right insurance companies. Also, health insurance companies try to scare people into paying back money to which the companies are not entitled. Car appraisers try to undercut victims on the value of their cars and/or repairs, and adjusters try to minimize a person’s injuries, loss of income, and pain and suffering in an effort to not have to pay out the claim.

Putting all of those elements together, a skilled expert car accident attorney can help you receive tens of thousands of dollars more than what you would have seen on your own.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you owe it to yourself to call Amy Ivan for a free consultation. Amy will show you how much she can help you come out of this most difficult time of your life so you can get back to normal.Call us right away for a free consultation.